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Peasants Sought Instead

01 October 2018 / Doumen

  1. 01 Siam, by contrast
  2. 02 At the mines
  3. 03 Cars and airplanes
  4. 04 The wet-rice areas
  5. 05 And exempted from
  6. 06 Twentyseven
  7. 07 Name itself echoing
Artists: Abe

Only few artists have managed to develop their own distinct style to such perfection as Abe, while remaining almost entirely unknown to the public ear. He dwells in minimal music, abstract structure and well-crafted melancholia. "Peasants Sought Instead" itself is heavily influenced by modern classical music, modal jazz and world music and is at times demanding, while remaining slightly subdued. Style-wise it can be seen as ambient, though Abe doesn’t feel completely at home in this genre, because of its emphasis on atmosphere rather than structure. Recorded at Abe's home in Rotterdam, it is his strongest work to date and already highly appreciated by some of the most exquisit selectors around.




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