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Paula Temple
Paula Temple (The Prodigy Remixes)

23 October 2015 / R&S Records

  1. Roadblox (Paula Temple Remix)
  2. Roadblox (Paula Temple Instrumental Remix)
Artists: Paula Temple

Paula Temple takes on one of the most important and influential electronic music acts in history, The Prodigy.

‘Roadblox’ is one of the standout tracks from their latest album ‘The Day Is My Enemy’. R&S’s arena filling techno star Paula Temple was honoured to remix the track and has provided two superb remixes. The first features the full, snarling vocal from Maxim, complete with marauding bass, bleeping synth arpeggios, noise squalls and pistoning percussion combing to apocalyptic effect. While the second removes the vocals for an even deeper trip.

Liam Howlett and R&S founder Renaat Vanderpapiere's friendship goes back a long way so they are both thrilled to work together on this release. As Liam says: 

“I’ve always had massive respect for R&S records and Renaat since the start so its fuckin’ great to see a Prodigy tune, in the shape of Paula Temples heavy Roadblox remix, come out through the label”.

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