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Paula Temple
Edge of Everything

03 May 2019 / Noise Manifesto

  1. 01. Berlin
  2. 02. Joshua And Goliath
  3. 03. Joshua And Goliath (Slow Version)
  4. 04. Future Betrayed
  5. 05. Open The Other Eye
  6. 06. Quantum Unfolding
  7. 07. Don't Use Your Eyes Now
  8. 08. Nicole
  9. 09. Raging Earth
  10. 10. Cages
  11. 11. Post Scarcity Anarchism
  12. 12. Dimension Jumping
  13. vinyl bonus. Gegen
Artists: Paula Temple

Paula Temple presents her long-awaited debut album Edge Of Everything. The result of years spent ruminating on the healing powers of harsh noise, she employs a cinematic textural palette for a call to action in desperate times. The album will be available via her own Noise Manifesto imprint as a 2xLP vinyl and digital release on May 3rd.

Across twelve tracks, Paula applies warped aesthetic distortions to a broad exploration of techno. Industrial, determined and fostering a deep sense of urgency, Edge Of Everything encourages a refocusing of the dominant political narrative, spurring its audience with the direct message that oppressive forces must be held accountable for their actions. As an antidote to apathy, Paula targets raw emotion, urging us to act upon injustice.

Sonically, the album focuses on darker manifestations of the genre, appreciating their frankness without trying to confuscate. Murky acoustics and grainy synths writhe through cavernous spaces whilst marching drums enforce an unrelenting pressure. Brandishing a rich tapestry of noise, Paula highlights the healing powers of darkness, drawing strength from anger and motivation from hurt.

Fast percussion and expansive sound design command attention throughout, immersing the listener in a frenzied swirl of acoustic treatments and sinister, albeit strangely inviting textures. Each track carves a unique sonic space, imagining alternative worlds of their own, from the mammoth stomping ground of ‘Joshua & Goliath’ and psychedelic synth leads of ‘Quantum Unfolding’ to the frantic ecological nightmare of ‘Raging Earth’. Also featured as part of the vinyl release is the previously digital-only track ‘Gegen’ - a testament to Paula’s careful fusion of vast sonic creations and wrathful techno.

Edge of Everything is a clear statement of intent, geared towards the disambiguation of manipulative politics and dishonest leaders. A counterargument to the mediocre mainstream, it's also Paula’s most personal release to date, applying a learned musical history into direct action.

digital / vinyl tracklists:
1. Berlin (A1)
2. Joshua & Goliath (A2)
3. Joshua & Goliath (slow version)
4. Futures Betrayed (A3)
5. Open The Other Eye (A4)
6. Quantum Unfolding (B1)
7. Don’t Use Your Eyes Now (B2)
8. Nicole (B3)
9. Raging Earth (C1)
10. Cages (C2)
Gegen * (D1)
11. Post-Scarcity Anarchism (D2)
12. Dimension Jumping (D3)




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