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Space Dimension Controller
The Pathway to Tiraquon6

17 October 2011 / R&S Records

  1. 01. Feature Presentation
  2. 02. 2257 AD
  3. 03. Pulsovian Invasion
  4. 04. Last Sunset on Planet Earth
  5. 05. Usurper
  6. 06. Flight of the Escape Vessels
  7. 07. Confined to Deep Space
  8. 08. Max Tiraquon
  9. 09. Floating Blind Through Blue Trails
  10. 10. Tiraquon's Return
  11. 11. Closing Titles

The Pathway to Tiraquon6 is the prequel to the Space Dimension Controller debut album ‘Welcome To Mikrosector-50’ to be released in 2012.

In the mid 24th Century, a cosmic accident caused Mr. 8040, the Space Dimension Controller, to spiral back through time to the year 2009.

Over the past year, stranded in our time, and confined to his Electropod. Mr. 8040 has been preparing an account of the events that led to the discovery of Mikrosector-50 and the creation of the Tiraquon6 security barrier. This is the story of the Pathway to Tiraquon6.

In the year 2257 AD, Planet Earth was invaded by an alien race known as the Pulsovians. Having had no previous encounters with a hostile alien race, the humans were completely unprepared for an invasion of this scale. Using technology unique to their race, they drained the energy of the sun and as an alternative to living on a slowly dying planet,they offered mankind the opportunity to work as slaves on their home planet, Cosmo30.

Though most took this opportunity, there was a small coalition of humans that sought to flee Earth and find a new home somewhere in deep space. It was then that the Pulsovian leader, Xymah the Usurper, coordinated a surprise attack on the escape vessels as they attempted to launch. Many vessels successfully escaped the attack and ventured deep into space, others were destroyed, including that of the President of Earth and his cabinet.

For years, the last remnants of free man were confined to deep space with no government, no order and no hope. That was until a security officer named Max Tiraquon offered to travel alone to neighbouring galaxies in an attempt to find a planet suitable for human habitation. Just over a year into Max's exploration, contact with his electropod was lost, it was thought he had been lost to space.

Years later, an unidentifiable craft was detected on the radar of the main vessel. It was Max, he had used the fluorescent trails left behind by his electropod to navigate his way back to the ship. Upon his return, he told of a planet in Mikrosector-50 of the deep space grid with an atmosphere similar to that of Earth. The humans set a course to the planet immediately and on their arrival began to plan the construction of their new home. Max founded the Tiraquon Security Council and construction began on the Tiraquon Security Barrier, and a soldier named Mr. 8040 was appointed to patrol the the barrier. Mr. 8040 was made Deputy Space Dimension Controller and for the following years successfully maintained order whilst Mikrosector-50 was constructed. Until one day, whilst repairing a light beam in the Quadrasector of the barrier, Mr. 8040's electropod almost slammed into the beam. To escape certain death, Mr. 8040 activated the micron accelerator of his electropod, which inadvertently sent him back through time to the year 2009.




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