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Parts Unknown

16 December 2013 / Autochtone Records

  1. A1 Highway 17
  2. B1 Ottawa Valley
  3. B2 Little Squirl
Artists: Hreno

The pilgrimage for untouched sanctuaries bring us new Autochtones, this time from the highlands of Kanata, from where Chris Hreno emerges, with a native instinct for aural acoustic prayers.

As part of the global diaspora looking for the Holy Fernsehenturm Grail, the Canadian is already known for his wide and open personal vision of the musical narrative, being able to encrypt almost every possible matter one can fill inside the four to the floor space-time boundaries.

With ‘Parts Unknown’ he unveils his deepest beatmaking mindset, delivering a neverending Highway 17 which aims to take us from NoWhere to EveryWhere through a decayed acid spiced locked groove; perfectly crafted to unchain us from our daily mortal duties. Ottawa Valley dubs the night away with yet a faster pace than the usual B1 tool. Finally Little Squirl draws us in, to warm those magic in-between hours,revealing how intimate and personal a pure Autochtone soul can be…

Autochtone Records features «Parts Unknown» from HRENO with his profoundest interpretation for a ritual gathering.




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