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Aleksi Perälä

15 December 2017 / trip | трип

  1. A1 GBLFT1740065
  2. A2 GBLFT1740066
  3. A3 GBLFT1740067
  4. B1 GBLFT1740068
  5. B2 GBLFT1740069
  6. B3 GBLFT1740070
  7. C1 GBLFT1740071
  8. C2 GBLFT1740072
  9. D1 GBLFT1740073
  10. D2 GBLFT1740074
Artists: Aleksi Perälä

‘Colundi everyone’

Finnish sound scientist Aleksi Perälä presents ‘Paradox’, a double EP landing 15th of December on трип. Using a microtonal tuning method known as Colundi – with which his work is now synonymous - he guides us through a ritualistic journey of ten formidable tracks.

Glistening scales cascade over peculiar tones. Aleksi Perälä explores the powers of an alternative tuning system in dancefloor structures, tapping into the veiled potential of his sound palette with stunning physical consequences.

Saccharine and mysterious,‘Paradox’ channels elements of Electro,Techno and Italo, ultimately achieving a transcendental form of its own.




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