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Kayla Painter
Pack Your Bivouac / Through The Forest

05 April 2019 / Drawstring

  1. 01. Pack Your Bivouac
  2. 02. Through the Forest
Artists: Kayla Painter

Following the exploratory and pivotal 2018 EP ‘Cannibals at Sea’, 2019 sees Kayla delving into another avenue of her diverse production styles. ‘Pack Your Bivouac’ explores synth grooves and percussion arranged tight to the grid. This track exploits the dancefloor tempo, whilst laying down blissed out synths and organic textures. ‘Through the Forest’ weaves you through an ambient dream of memories and sensations. Using droning textures and thick atmospheres, it breathes unreliably and moves as if it were its own entity.

Taking influence from travelling and the outdoors, these tracks provide a thought provoking space. The combination of both software and hardware synthesizers, processed vocal samples, and found sounds, this double A side release sees yet another unique and beguiling approach to Kayla’s sound.




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