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Ryan James Ford
Out of the Wreckage

15 April 2019 / SHUT

  1. 01. Public Domain
  2. 02. Aylith Yard
  3. 03. The Value of Nothing
  4. 04. Erinwoods
  5. 05. Dreamcast
Artists: Ryan James Ford

On April 15th, Ryan James Ford releases his fifth EP on his label SHUT, ‘Out of the Wreckage’. The EP will be distributed by Hard Wax in Berlin. As the title states, this record represents a change of pace, ideas, and rhythms from Ford. ‘Out of the Wreckage’ contains the familiar sonic touch typical of Ford’s productions but with a different perspective.    

Comprised of 5 tracks, ‘Out of the Wreckage’ comes together in a variety of directions; Techno, Ambient, Braindance, Broken, etc. Making SHUT005 the most cohesive and ambitious package to come out on the Canadian producer’s label. In addition to the production, Ryan also creates the visual and contextual aesthetic for the SHUT releases. “As the world churns, tumbles, and changes, I am constantly adjusting my musical and mental pathways. The multiform of genres presented in ‘Out from the Wreckage’ works to show the changes/movements that have made up my creative and mental state during the last year. There is a palette inspired by pleasure, pain, joy, sadness, and anger which all play off of one another to try and make sense of things.’ 




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