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Locked Groove
Out Of Orbit

01 March 2019 / Hotflush Recordings

  1. 01. Out Of Orbit
  2. 02. Wally's Groove World
Artists: Locked Groove

In the lead up to his forthcoming debut album Sunset Service, Locked Groove presents Out Of Orbit, a two-track EP due March 1st on Hotflush.

‘Out Of Orbit’ fuses a marching framework with glistening build ups and classic rave melodies. ‘Wally’s Groove World’ - a nod to the beloved Antwerp record store - spirals through a relentless rhythmic motif, employing sounds of the 90s Belgian underground with a hybrid approach.

Following an acclaimed EP series that saw Locked Groove exploring Belgium’s musical heritage through a contemporary lens, this package marks the final step towards his debut album Sunset Service - the amalgamation of a diverse and carefully studied musical history, due March 8th.




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