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Agents Of Time
Ordinary Cosmic Dance

25 May 2018 / Obscura

  1. A1. Ordinary Chaos
  2. B1. Cosmic Frequencies
  3. B2. Dance Impulse
Artists: Agents Of Time

Agents Of Time are proud to present ‘Ordinary Cosmic Dance’, the new EP on their own Obscura imprint. Over three tracks the Bari based trio brandish hypnotic, looping melodies in techno structures with subtle trance references. It arrives a year after the birth of the label, which has since issued music by Hiver, Amandra and The Hacker amongst others.

‘Ordinary Chaos’ builds low end frequencies juxtaposed with a stripped back melodic lead and staccato bass. ‘Cosmic Frequencies’ revolves around a syncopated synth line that swells its way through mesmeric percussion and entrancing pads. ‘Dance Impulse’ takes fragments of dub techno and remoulds them into a glitchy dancefloor workout.




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