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Ghost In The Machine
One Louder EP

28 July 2017 / Perc Trax

  1. 01 The Holy Grill
  2. 02 Hold My Drink
  3. 03 PSKDT (Where Does It End?)

Perc Trax returns to the dance floor after the political firestorm that was Perc's 'Bitter Music' with the debut release on the label from the Netherlands' Ghost In The Machine. The Perc and therefore Perc Trax name stems from the word 'percussion' and these three drum-focused tracks sum up the label's mission perfectly.

Rarely appearing away from their own Genosha Basic imprint this EP hits as hard as anything on Perc Trax in recent years and along with recent releases from Ansome and Scalameriya ushers in a new wave of artists and a distinct new chapter in the Perc Trax story.

'The Holy Grill' commands the whole of the A-side and charges forward until a Reese led breakdown gives you a moment to pause for breath.

The B-side contains two percussive workouts that have enough movement and development to them to elevate them above simple drum tools.

As B2 track 'PSKDT's locked groove loops endlessly (a first for Perc Trax) it is clear this EP is a hard-hitting statement of intent from a duo you should be hearing a lot more from in the near future.




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