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Albert Van Abbe, Pantone 32

12 September 2017 / NO COMMENT

  1. 01. More To Ignore 06
  2. 02. More To Ignore 02 (The Exaltics Remix)
  3. 03. PT01
  4. 04. More To Ignore 02

Albert Van Abbe's latest No Comment release presents 2 originals, a killer remix by The Exaltics and a debut track by Pantone 32.

It wasn’t until she opened the old pocket watch – its timeworn silver surface glimmering slightly in the darkness – that she understood that something was terribly wrong. It was audibly pounding in her hand like some kind of bizarre metal heart. And it was decidedly running backwards. She could not move and she could not take her eyes off the spinning indicators. “Stop”, she whispered. Then again, louder this time: “Stop!”. The watch stopped and fell silent. She exhaled and moved uneasily on the spot. The floorboards creaked. Wait. The floorboards? There weren’t any floorboards in her room. It was all concrete and glass and…. her room wasn’t there anymore. She was standing in an old workshop brimming with ancient-looking machinery covered in sawdust. No-one was operating the equipment but their ghostly echoes were still floating through the air; buzzing, hammering, humming – almost melodic to her ears. The pocket watch came to life in her hand, acting as a steady metronome to the spectral orchestra. She wasn’t home anymore. But it certainly was.




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