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30 March 2018 / Project: Mooncircle

  1. 01 Unrest
  2. 02 The Pharmacist
  3. 03 Nape
  4. 04 Evergreen
  5. 05 Teething
  6. 06 I Don't Hold Knives
  7. 07 Last Lungs
  8. 08 Warborn
  9. 09 Rest
Artists: Groeni

Created at the footstep of Mount Victoria, Groeni wanted to challenge themselves compositionally and sonically with Nihx. Nihx explores the characteristics of points of conflict between opposing forces.

As in the past, and as with many electronic outfits, the music had been written ‘in the box’, so to speak. To counter this technique the three members of Groeni (Al, Mike, and James) each wrote numerous compositional sketches that were more or less complete as frameworks before entering them into the digital realm.

With similar inspiration the band wanted to create unique and personalised sounds away from the computer to sample and use with most of the sonic treatment happening also away from the computer.

The vast majority of the drum sounds are made from samples of Mike’s ever expanding synth collection, numerous sounds are manipulated feedback from guitars or vocals among other things. The entire record was written and recorded across three home studios in Wellington, NZ and has been almost 2 years in the making.




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