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Carlton Doom
Necrodancer EP

23 November 2018 / Deep Sea Frequency

  1. 01 Necrodancer
  2. 02 PipePipePipe
  3. 03 Bad Batch
  4. 04 Rot
Artists: Carlton Doom

Until now, Carlton Doom has only existed in the shadows of 27 year old Chis Hanna's imagination. Necrodancer EP emerges as Deep Sea Frequency's fourth offering; a four track package of mutated breaks and scuzzy electro by the Belfast native, due November 23rd.

The title track 'Necrodancer' charges forward with a riotous bass line and crystalline high end amidst dizzying drums. ‘Pipepipepipe’ is a maximal dose of big room energy followed by ‘Bad Batch’, a messed up trip of broken beats and swollen bass. Closing off the EP is 'Rot', where choppy industrial breaks take the lead.

*No radio play until release date* 




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