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Necessary Illusions

19 January 2018 / South London Analogue Material

  1. A1. Shock & Awe
  2. A2. Sickly Inhibitions
  3. B1. Necessary Illusions
  4. B2. Necessary Illusions (UVB Remix)
Artists: Ossian
Remixers: UVB
Ossian’s debut solo EP comes out on South London Analogue Material (S.L.A.M), the label he created with Ansome 3 years ago. After a previous joint release on S.L.A.M and a remix on Perc Trax, we get to see original tracks from Ossian for the first time. Shock & Awe is a hard, noisy, dancefloor ripper with mesmeric synth stabs that sets the tone of the release in no uncertain terms. Next is Sickly Inhibitions, a dark broken beat track full of screams, choral samples and breaks with vocals reminiscent of the silver screen and the early days of motion picture. The last of the original tracks is Necessary Illusions, another powerful dancefloor track, the distorted drums are accompanied by screeching synths, twisted noise and battle horns. To finish the EP S.L.A.M welcomes UVB to the label for the first time with his remix of Necessary Illusions showcasing his robust sound taking elements of the original and subtly reworking them.



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