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16 March 2018 / Planet E

  1. 01 Mother ft. Steffanie Christi'an
  2. 02 Earth ft. Blaktony
  3. 03 Obba
  4. 04 Frances
Artists: Waajeed
Planet E presents ‘Mother’, a four track EP from Slum Village co-founder, former Bling47 label boss and current head of the Dirt Tech Reck label, Waajeed. The Detroit native has worked previously with Theo Parrish, Mad Mike Banks and Amp Fiddler, and in 2017 held a residency at Detroit Love parties across the globe.

‘Mother’, featuring Detroit singer-songwriter Steffanie Christi'an, is driven by an arpeggiated synth lead above shuffling percussion and heartfelt vocals, whilst ‘Earth’, a collaboration with the enigmatic Blaktony, takes a moodier turn with stripped back drums and syncopated keys. ‘Obba’ rides a melodic bassline into the cosmos, whilst ‘Frances’ offers a soothing dose of otherworldly disco funk.

Additional mixing on the EP was provided by Planet E head Carl Craig. 
Waajeed premieres his live show at Movement Festival in Detroit on May 26th 2018, at the Detroit Love stage. 



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