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Marenn Sukie
Mosaic EP

11 May 2018 / Apollo Recordings

  1. 01 Into The Silence
  2. 02 Mosaic
  3. 03 Feels Like Love
  4. 04 Physical Science
  5. 05 Simple Excuses
Artists: Marenn Sukie

Apollo new boy Chris Roth AKA Marenn Sukie joins up for the Mosaic EP.

A rabid fan of drum n bass and hip hop as well a classic soul, jazz and funk, Roth is an accomplished sample manipulator whose richly organic sounds call to mind 'Rounds' era Four Tet, the sophisticated jazz of Cinematic Orchestra or indeed the spacious moods of new label mates Albrecht Labrooy.

Mining audio gold from the widescreen productions of classic 70's music Roth balances an interest in contemporary beat culture with a winsome eye for the golden sounds of the past.

"My tracks have usually around 30 different samples in one tune,” Roth explains “I make a point to never sample 'loops' - it's a mix of pitching samples then maybe adding a synth for bass lines."

The Mosaic EP spans a wide range of moods and tempos - genre is fluid in the world of Marenn Sukie; house, drum n bass and jazz bleeding together, creating a beguiling blend all Roth's own.

‘Into The Silence’ is one of the EP’s real highlights - composed in the main from Polish jazz samples that Roth got while in Warsaw. Epic closer ‘Feels Like Love’ sees him splice three different jazz singers together to make up the haunting melody.

Only his second ever EP release, the Mosaic EP came about following Apollo's own Synkro making the intro to R&S founder Renaat Vanderpapiere. Vanderpapiere loved what he heard and instantly signed Roth up, and this is the result; a strong and vital musical statement that suggest a bright future ahead. 




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