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Eduardo De La Calle
Modern Choices

27 October 2017 / Forbidden Colours

  1. A1. Hobson's Choice
  2. B1. Paradox Of Choice
  3. B2. Transportation Forecasting

“Everything is sound in the material world. You and me, we are vibrations”  

Sampling, strife and spirituality - three notions that form the basis of Eduardo’s lifestyle.  

De la Calle is back on Forbidden Colours, again flaunting his connection with El_Txef_A.  

The release consists of three original cuts. On the A Side at 45 rpm is the energy and freneticism of 'Hobson’s Choice':  "Because a person may refuse to accept what is offered, the two options are taking it or taking nothing" 

On the B side, the sublime 'Paradox of Choice' leads with a strange kick loop and astral synthesizers followed by 'Transportation Forecasting', where a classic 4x4 kick is paired with analog recordings to depict a more colorful setting. 

My love wears forbidden colours

My life believes

My love wears forbidden colours

My life believes in you once again




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