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Misses Madame Mademoiselle EP

11 September 2017 / Heist Recordings

  1. 01 M.m.m – featuring San Proper’s elegy
  2. 02 M.m.m – featuring San Proper’s elegy (Session Victim remix)
  3. 03 Hamdi
  4. 04 Hamdi (Bil mix)
Artists: Nachtbraker
Remixers: Session Victim

Across the street from where Trouw used to be, lies a nice little hotel. It was in the basement of this hotel, where a curious meeting happened. Something so coincidental and so unassumingly trivial, that even the slightest event of randomness could have prevented this from ever happening, yet it did happen and here we are.

This curious meeting was the result of an open studio door of Nachtbraker, and the hint of disco coming out the door, where Dr. San Proper just happened to pass by in search of whatever it is he searches for at 10 am on a Tuesday. The good doctor decided to walk in, greeted Nachtbraker in his ordinary weird way and casually grabbed a microphone. Nachtbraker pressed record, Dr. Proper got his inner Mick Jagger on, and behold: Misses, madame, mademoiselle was born: an up-tempo disco groove with Nachtbraker’s touch of loose arrangement, and San Proper’s amazing vocals. We asked our good friends and great producer duo Session Victim to re-interpret M.m.m. and they gave it a great dreamy-but-groovy twist, adding pads and shuffling hi-hats.

We had already heard Nachtbraker working on a deep house – meets – afro track a while back and he made 2 versions of this track to complement the EP. Hamdi is probably one of the most euphoric tracks in his discography to date, and it’s one you’re likely to hear a lot in the coming time. With the use of chopped vocals (we’ll let you figure out the source material) and a teasing build up, the track breaks down into a lovely chant, adding energy with every bar without ever coming close to being tacky or overproduced. The alternate version is an excursion into 808 booty territory, using different chops, alienating loops and yes, even a siren.

The M.m.m. EP is Nachtbraker’s most mature production to date and we’re happy to share it with you. Play it loud.

Yours Sincerely,

Maarten & Lars.




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