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Noer the Boy

25 August 2017 / Liquid Amber

  1. 1. Mechanism
  2. 2. Runnr
  3. 3. M Intrusion
  4. 4. + OD
  5. 5. Salt Point 29
  6. 6. Dislocatherapy
  7. 7. Pool
  8. 8. The Straw
  9. 9. Final Warp (feat. Zero Tep)
  10. 10. The Birds (Rebirth)
Artists: Noer the Boy

The long-awaited debut album by Noer the Boy is released on DJ Shadow's imprint Liquid Amber in late August. The Wisconsin-born, Portland-based artist continues his experimental excursions with new album 'Mechanism’, following his critically acclaimed ‘SPILLEDNOISE’ EP in 2016 also released on Shadow's label, and his previous releases on Noh Life and Courteous Family.

'Mechanism’ shows the unleashed talent of a musician influenced but unrestrained by IDM, jazz, and classical compositions. Across the 10 tracks Noer explores the futuristic realms of bass music, skillfully mining fragments of drum and bass, hip hop, and dubstep to weave into his sound excursions. From the glitchy beats of ‘Pool’, to the unpredictable rhythms of ’The Birds’, complex drum patterns are a strong running theme throughout the album.The result is modernistic, high energy and full of unique character.

Title track and lead single ‘Mechanism’ will be available worldwide as digital only from August 4th onwards .The second single will follow on August 18th leaving only a few days until record release on August 25th.

Keep your eyes peeled for teaser clips for a full length album video




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