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Sunset Graves
Love Pours Into Death

13 April 2015 / 3rd & Debut Records

  1. 01. Mass of Apathy
  2. 02. Winter Fruits
  3. 03. My Ruined Frame
  4. 04. El Paso
  5. 05. I Can Feel That It Has Gone
  6. 06. Can't Deal
  7. 07. The End In People
  8. 08. Ephemeral
  9. 09. So, Who's Gonna Watch You Die?
  10. 10. Sweet Release
Artists: Sunset Graves

Sunset Graves is Andy Fosberry, the English musician also know as Lo Grounds and tpique, running the label 3rd & Debut. Sunset Graves began 3 years ago with the debut album ‘Variant’, which stood at the crossroad between full band, heavy post-rock, ambient electronic tones and sampled textures. Followed with last years ‘Form Your Ghost’ LP that expanded into deeper electronic territory. This third album ‘Love Pours Into Death’ takes these sonic ideals and fully realises them.

Sunset Graves music is pure emotion. At the time of writing ‘Love Pours Into Death’ in 2014, Andy was occupied with certain thoughts that informed the music. The uneasy feeling that 2014 seemed like a bad year for the human race - that we’re hurtling toward a painful consequence without much being done about it. Which led to thinking about inevitabilities of each human life and how, under these conditions, we can find the beauty in that. Or peace in our helplessness. Or rage against everything. These currents of feelings in the air are often hard to vocalise, and that is what drives Sunset Graves to make this music.

The title of the album comes from a quote presented with Kate Bush’s ‘Among Angels’ video; “Love pours into death and death into life without a drop being spilled”. Bleak at first look but beautiful words and ideas often come from these places. They’re like a beginning that gives us understanding.

The arrangements of the tracks on ‘Love Pours Into Death’ are sonically dense but with layers stripped back to allow the elements to breath and find a sense of space. In places it’s almost skeletal. Although it’s an electronic album, Sunset Graves humanises the music as much as possible, beyond simply sampling voices.
‘Mass of Apathy’ and ‘So, Who's Gonna Watch You Die?’ have Andy’s guitar layered within and highly processed. Andy plays live drums on both ‘My Ruined Frame’ and ‘Ephemeral’, and bass on ‘Winter Fruits’. ‘El Paso’ is, at its core, a one-take live performance, layered and then added to. 

“My mind is more visual than academic, so a lot of these tracks are not just ideas, but scenes, memories, colours. There are elements of my own life, the environment the music was made in, cities, backstreets, times of day.  There are monochrome sections on the album, I hoped to create dynamics, light and shade and not just blast the listener in the face with 40 minutes of beats. I just wanted to create a soundtrack to ideas and feelings that I hope are universal and infuse the music with enough subtlety to reward repeated listens. I absolutely believe in the album as a format for musicians. I also believe that this is the best album I have yet done.” Sunset Graves




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