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Los Green

08 June 2018 / Ultramajic

  1. 01. Chlorophyl Intel
  2. 02. Dances With Leaves
  3. 03. Inquiry
  4. 04. Mist Of Renown
Artists: Keeno18

Keeno18, also known as Reginald James Johnson, is finally back with his third release entitled ‘Los Green’ for ULTRAMAJIC. 

The release was “inspired by the communication plants have with everything around us,” as Reggie explains. In reality, the tracks are very raw techno beats, snapping celery sticks and drumming carrots. Keeno18 first two releases on ULTRAMAJIC were strange, fuzzy and dizzy; innovatively formed but without too much thought. ‘Los Green’ has Keeno18 juiced on acid and cold pressed in his own style: buttoned up. “Inquiry” is dripping acid over a straight beat, hypnotic and appreciating of the subtle. “Dances With Leaves” is the greenest of all 4 tracks, sets the vibe for a new found green planet and lovely life everywhere.




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