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Loin Des Yeux

08 May 2017 / Flux

  1. 01. Loin Des Yeux
  2. 02. Acid Devotion
  3. 03. Loin Des Yeux (Andrés Remix)
  4. 04. Good Inside
Artists: Laroze

It’s turning out to be a big year for Flux, having just celebrated their 6th birthday, events in Leeds and at London's Corsica Studios, and the launch of their record label with Shedbug’s 'Afterglow EP’. Flux Records follow up with their next release - which includes three original tracks from burgeoning French talent Laroze, supplied with a stellar remix from Detroit’s one and only Andrés.

France’s dance scene is currently replete with a plethora of fresh and charismatic artists, labels, and promoters, and has all the signs of a movement that’s really beginning to take off. Hailing from Bordeaux, Laroze is making his own mark not just as one of the figures behind the country’s authority electronic music publication SeekSickSound, but also as a DJ and producer in his own right.

With its fair share of dance floor heaters the Loin Des Yeux EP exudes an effortless 90s revival feel to it, drawing upon classic US house and acid as the basis for its form and style.

The EP opens with the title track Loin Des Yeux, perhaps the EP’s heaviest offering. It starts up with a driving Shed-esque kick and hat groove, with warm sunrise pads reeling beneath. Rattling break-beats enter alongside tasteful doses of claps and acid squelches. A snare roll dominates the first breakdown, but never comes across as crass – and the same goes for features such as the breaks and reverse hat figures.

No room for respite, A2’s Acid Devotion is a deep, sweltering club weapon that will melt dancefloors with its rolling acid bassline, soaring vocals and off-kilter synth chords. Things wind down a few notches with B1’s remix of Loin Des Yeux. Andrés puts his own touch on the original, transforming it into a laid-back Sunday jam; any stress or worry before now entirely dissipated. Replacing the extended breakdowns, big room kicks and rolling synth figures, Andres re-centres the track around the keys and nonchalant synth interjections.

Closing things off is Good Inside, a simmering groover that features an intense, soulful ‘I need you’ vocal refrain, paired with nuanced synth details and disco-tinged string samples. Like the other originals on the EP, it’s full of infectiously good, uplifting energy.

Limited press on 180g, 12’’ vinyl (no digital), with artwork from Laura Zhang.




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