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Will Saul & Tee Mango present Primitive Trust
Little Love EP

26 January 2018 / Aus Music

  1. A1. Little Love
  2. A2. Tejon (Tee Mango's Dub)
  3. B. Little Love (Floorplan Remix)
Remixers: Floorplan

Will Saul and Tee Mango continue the Primitive Trust EP series with their third release. ‘Little Love EP’ is a blissful 3 track package featuring a Floorplan remix.

‘Little Love’ builds warm harmonies driven by syncopated bass grooves whilst Tee Mango’s Dub of 'Tejon' heads for the sun with radiant, shuffling chords.

For the remix, Floorplan delivers unrestrained rapture on a peak time roller full of cathartic vocal bursts.




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