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Pedro Vian
Les Femmes

21 May 2018 / Spring Theory

  1. 01 Les Femmes (Original Version)
  2. 02 Las Murallas Del Sur
  3. 03 A Sad Story
  4. 04 Côte Picardie
  5. 05 Les Femmes (Extended Version)
Artists: Pedro Vian

It's always exciting to introduce new names to the Spring Theory roster and Pedro Vian, its latest addition, makes no exception to the rule. It's also the 10th release on Spring Theory, so more reasons to rejoice! The Barcelona-based producer came to (my) attention with his releases Dancing Hindus and Titled Beautiful Things You Left Us For Memories on his own label Modern Obscure Music. This EP picks up some of the themes from those records and further explores of his style of elegiac synth lines and primitive drum machines. The sound of dancing alone with your eyes closed, late at night. Haunting house for the heartbroken.




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