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Perc & Truss
Leather & Lace Remixed

25 May 2018 / Perc Trax

  1. 01 Leather & Lace (Ghost in the Machine Remix)
  2. 02 Leather & Lace (Pinch Remix)
  3. 03 Leather & Lace (Mumdance and Logos Remix)
Artists: Perc & Truss
Remixers: Ghost In The Machine, Pinch, Mumdance & Logos

Perc & Truss' statement of rave intent 'Leather & Lace' returns when you least expected it, this time in the form of three new remixes from an all-star cast of producers.

Leading the charge are Perc Trax's breakout starts of last year Ghost In The Machine who build upon their trademark kick drum volley with Reese basslines, swearing pads and a stretched out arrangement that showcases all that they are capable of. Flip it over and Tectonic main man Pinch takes a different approach with his uniquely Bristolian take on techno, featuring everything from primitive computer bleeps to the kind of broken rhythms he and his label are known for.

Closing things off is the wildcard of the set as Mumdance and Logos step away from their weightless sound to serve up a tough, acid driven take that nods its head to the classic sounds of Bonzai and Eye-Q.

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