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Late Night Studio Moves

25 June 2018 / Heist Recordings

  1. 01 Late Night Studio Moves
  2. 02 You Treat Me Like A Fool
  3. 03 Jazz Kids
  4. 04 Late Night Studio Moves (The Mole MMD Mix)
Artists: Pitto

As a Dutch label, we’re proud supporters of the homegrown sounds of guys like Nachtbraker, Frits Wentink and Fouk. Adding another Dutchie to our list of exquisite producers, we present you “Pitto” with his debut on Heist Recordings. Pitto is a musically omnipotent creature, venturing into deep house with the underground hit “Richklap” on Wolfskuil back in 2012 and dreamy electronic pop with his album “Breaking up the Static” on Sonar Kollektiv and Virgin.  He has also moved beyond producing his own music, running “Studio Stekker”; a Dutch music festival that focused on freeform creative interactions between musicians where the artists performing on the festival locked themselves up a week in advance in Kytopia (Colin Benders’ synth paradise) to make new music together. Through this, he’s worked with people like Kyteman, Matthew Johnson, Sebastian Mullaert and Colin de la Plante, better known as ‘The Mole”, who is also present on Pitto’s Heist debut with a remix.

The ‘Late night studio moves’ ep is one of varied styles, where Pitto’s inspiration from African music, jazzy and soulful samples becomes evident. He finds his ‘funk’ in repetition, clever sample combinations and combining electronic and live elements in the most organic way.  

‘Late night studio moves’ finds its basic groove in an African percussive loop. Over the 9:26 minutes, the track slowly adds elements, chopped African chants and piercing synth hits. It’s all really dreamy and energetic at the same time, but it is when the bass and main keys kick in, that you really feel the euphoric vibe of the track. The Mole chose to remix this track and he turned it completely upside down, both in vibe and tempo. His version is an atmospheric and mesmerizing downtempo track, where the percussion works in an intoxicating way and bells, birds and chants move in and out of the spotlight. 

Pitto’s second original track on the ep is the mesmerizing ‘Treat me like a fool’. 16th hi-hats, claps on the hats, and a chopped piano loop set the mood here, but it’s the vocal that steals the show. A mantra like ‘You love me’ builds up and breaks down into “you love me like an angel, but you treat me like a fool”. Each time, the track builds and builds, never quite giving in to a massive drop, but instead, focuses on the stripped back soul that is the heart of the track.  

‘Jazz kids’ evolves around a jazzy bass loop and a set of quirky African percussive elements that you could imagine Henrik Schwarz making if he were in a more leftfield mood. A syncopated synth melody filters in and out throughout the track and a basic kick and hi-hat combo keeps the energy going strong on this on. 

We’re proud to bring you this deep, dreamy and provocative EP by Pitto and hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do. 

Yours Sincerely, 
Maarten & Lars




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