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S Katz
Kant Straße

21 March 2018 / You Record

  1. 01. Robots Talk Own Words
  2. 02. Hats and Steps
  3. 03. Forest in Me
  4. 04. You Are In The Display
Artists: S Katz

You Record are proud to present their eleventh release, the ‘Kant Straße’ EP by S Katz aka Katsuhiko.

From 2016 – 2017 he was granted the opportunity to produce multiple tracks at a studio on KantStraße in Berlin using hardware supplied by Dandy Jack, with whom the space is shared, and his dear friend Mathew Jonson.

Opening track is a groove-driven roller with robotic glitches talking a language of their own. ‘Hats and Steps’ is a versatile dancefloor cut replete with subtle details and layered rhythms. ‘Forest In Me’ takes a trippy journey to the afterhours with immersive field recordings and entrancing blips.  Closing the EP is ‘You Are In The Display’, a truly weird vocoder-led track with swung percussion and a shuffling bass melody.

This EP serves as a prologue to S Katz’s forthcoming album.




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