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Paula Temple
Joshua And Goliath

22 March 2019 / Noise Manifesto

  1. Joshua And Goliath (slow version)
  2. Joshua And Goliath (techno version)
Artists: Paula Temple

Preceding the release of her highly anticipated debut album Edge Of Everything, Paula Temple presents Joshua And Goliath, a two-track EP due 22nd March on her own Noise Manifesto imprint.

Paula wrote this as a thank you track to people who lead movements for freedom and inspire us to stand up against the impossible, nearly always with a great personal cost.  The track was named after teenager Joshua Wong from Hong Kong.  His critical understanding of what it would mean to lose democracy in Hong Kong had given him the drive to stand up and lead a movement against the giant superstructure that is the Chinese government. 

The mood in both versions combines strength and sadness, employing a highly textural synth lead across contrasting frameworks at two different tempos. The stylistic elements within the track represent the struggle of the leaders of the civil rights movements and environmental activists who currently risk their lives every day.




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