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Hannah Holland
Japonica EP

01 April 2019 / Batty Bass

  1. 01. Japonica ft. Ghost Culture
  2. 02. Japonica ft. Ghost Culture (Gina Breeze Remix)
  3. 03. Dubonica
  4. 04. Ekotypik
  5. 05. Ekotypik (Spatial Awareness Remix)
  6. 06. Ekotypik (Spatial Awareness Dub)
Artists: Hannah Holland

Label boss Hannah Holland steps up with the 2nd Batty Bass EP series for 2019. 

‘Japonica’, written together with the talented Ghost Culture is an uplifting melodic house drum machine work out, wrapped around a driving acid line. Gina Breeze’s mix skilfully pumps it into peak time excitement.  

‘Dubonica’ dubs out the lead sister track, revisiting it in a stand alone original.

‘Ekotypik’ shifts in sound and vision, whipping up emotional swells and flying down into dark caverns via the cinematic original and the hypnotic Spatial Awareness remix and dub versions. 




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