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Inner Sea

30 November 2018 / Project: Mooncircle

  1. 01. Burrow
  2. 02. Away From Here
  3. 03. Cosmic Bath
  4. 04. Habitat
  5. 05. Bedroom Eyes
  6. 06. Calibu
  7. 07. The Eyot
  8. 08. Passage
  9. 09. Vacationin'
  10. 10. Back Water
  11. 11. Safehold
  12. 12. You
Artists: Takeleave

“Inner Sea” is a journey inwards, delving into the hidden ocean of unconscious dreams and memories. Melodies tell stories of key moments, anchoring certain points in one’s life and the experiences and sensations they reflect. Giving them sounds to breathe and mirroring the soul in unseen depths, these memories are stored eternally in a shelter floating within this inner world.

“All these memories lay in the depths of my inner sea. Its surface reflects pictures of all the worlds that I want to dive back into, over and over again.” – Takeleave | Nicolas De Araújo Peixoto

‘Inner Sea’ comes out worldwide on limited double blue vinyl (including download code) & digital.




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