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Max Cooper

12 July 2018 / Mesh

  1. 01. Identity
  2. 02. Identity (Radio Edit)
Artists: Max Cooper

For the second single from his forthcoming album 'One Hundred Billion Sparks', Max Cooper presents 'Identity'. 

Minuscule details spiral around immersive acoustics, driven forward by a soothing, muffled kicks and minimal percussion. By manipulating the use of volume throughout the track, Max carves out cavernous acoustics with his familiarly rich palette, this time exploring it within a distinctly angular framework. 

"During my process of isolation to look inward for the basis of the album, I became increasingly aware of the constructs we live inside, the fables we tell ourselves about who we are and the systems which create us. 

It’s hard to accept, but I like the idea that I am only a bunch of malleable constructs. I wanted to tell the story of our personal battle against these pressures of conformity - nationality, religion, social norms, class, peer and parental expectations, we are loaded with constraints which muffle our true personality which is always there simmering underneath, and, in this track at least, eventually bursts through with extreme effect. 

It’s an attempt at pure expression of a form, which to me, demanded noise." - Max Cooper

Max Cooper will be going on tour to showcase his new album with stops at Melkweg in Amsterdam, Koko in London, Gaîté Lyrique in Paris, AB in Brussels, Funkhaus in Berlin and more. 

Find all details on the Koko show here and all his album tour dates here.  




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