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08 March 2019 / Principleasure

  1. 01. Intro
  2. 02. Hexagonal Dab
  3. 03. Handtwerk
  4. 04. Komply
  5. 05. Zzyzzx
  6. 06. Ryse
  7. 07. Ecdo
  8. 08. Flux Jab
  9. 09. Enigma Variation
  10. 10. Axiom
  11. 11. Nix
Artists: Principleasure

Principleasure returns with his debut album release, ‘I’, a brooding mix of moody driving electronica, sublime beatless interludes and twisted analogue synth textures. The Los Angeles based producer tracked everything live and entirely in the analogue domain. The result is a dense soundscape of heaving bass, pounding 808s and spacious melodics. 




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