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Hessdalen EP

20 October 2017 / trip | трип

  1. A1. Hessdalen
  2. A2. Fermi Paradox
  3. A2. We'll Be Alright
  4. B1. Time Travel
  5. B2. Alien People
Artists: Volruptus

Interdimensional journeys lay ahead as Volruptus lands on трип with a 5-track tour of his alternate reality.

Androids navigate their way through deep space, determined to find more. One minute they’re floating, the next, racing through a continuum at twice the speed of light. Sharp broken beats create a framework for immersive pads, glitchy inflections and acid bass to wander.

Volruptus holds a state of the art lens to classic electro, exploring its form with the meticulous detail of a true audiophile. This one’s for the psychonauts.

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