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Lawrence Le Doux
Hermanio Age EP

26 May 2017 / Le Pacifique , Unref

  1. 01. Hermanio Age 
  2. 02. Hermanio Age (Cosmo Knex Remix)
  3. 03. Hermanio Age (Innershades Remix) 
  4. 04. Hermanio Age (Kassett Remix) 

Belgian producer Lawrence Le Doux joins Le Pacifique and Unref for ‘Hermanio Age EP’. The track was recorded back in 2014 around the same time he released ‘Terrestre EP’ on Vlek. Catching the ears of both label crews, they decided to do a joint release. Finally, Hermanio Age sees the light of day, accompanied by three remixes from fellow Belgian Artists: Cosmo Knex, Innershades and Kassett. 

Hermanio Age is driven by a strong bassline, a wandering melody plays across it conjuring the spirit of nature, recalling   images of the sun reflecting on water, or vast boundless landscapes.

Cosmo Knex’ creates an oddball remix, drums, bleeps and sirens create a lo-fi carnival vibe. Next up, Innershades puts emphasis on the drums building a sound of his own with dynamic effect. Kassett de-constructs the club track into a beautiful, flowing and almost beat-less cut. 




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