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Andu Simion
Heavy Glow EP

23 February 2018 / Palinoia

  1. A1. Heavy Glow
  2. A2. Accents Above The Plane
  3. B1. Babadook
  4. B2. Gen Y All
Artists: Andu Simion

As one third of the Lisière Collectif, Andu Simion learned early and often how to take a dancefloor on a hypnotic, grooving journey throughout the night. Now he's standing solo on the next release on Eric Cloutier's Palinoia label, delivering four bubbling, seductive house grooves for any hour of the party. From the evolving "Heavy Glow" to the proper house banger "Gen Y All," this EP is a sure win for anyone looking to get a little sideways. 




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