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Grey Lines

20 July 2018 / Hotflush Recordings

  1. 1. Objects
  2. 2. Paralysis
  3. 3. Grey Lines
  4. 4. Heliosphere
  5. 5. Alienated
Artists: Glaskin

Munich-based brothers and Blitz Club residents Glaskin return to Hotflush with their third EP on the label, brandishing dizzying, fragmented cuts of techno and breakbeat. The duo debuted on the label back in 2017 with the ‘Debris Disk’ EP. 

Moving into minimal territory, ‘Objects’ is a skeletal workout with echoing dub stabs and ricocheting drums.  Next up ‘Paralysis’ is a menacing journey through dark, expansive spaces.  The title track ‘Grey Lines' is driven by stuttering breaks in deep caverns supporting a glistening synth lead. ‘Heliosphere’ is a peak time roller full of swirling pads and marching percussion. Closing off the EP is ‘Alienated’, the most left field of the collection.




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