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The Orb featuring Lee Scratch Perry
Golden Clouds remixes

20 August 2012 / Cooking Vinyl

  1. 1. Golden Clouds (album version)
  2. 2. OICHO remix
  3. 3. 81Neutronz Rmx
  4. 4. Youth Gigantic Dreadnaught Dub Mix
  5. 5. Youth Nous Sommes Tous En Situation Irreguliere Ambient Mix
  6. 6. Golden Clouds (instrumental)

August 6th marks the release of new single ‘Golden Clouds’ by The Orb featuring Lee Scratch Perry on Cooking Vinyl.

‘Golden Clouds’ takes the dubwise cosmic majesty of The Orb’s electronic classic ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’ and elevates it yet more skywards, with the addition of vocals from musical legend Lee Scratch Perry.

‘Golden Clouds’ comes complete with a killer set of remixes: OICHO delivers a bleep-heavy dubstep monster and 81Neutronz also take a dubstep route – adding a celestial air of high drama.

Sometime Orb member, Kiling Joke bassist and super producer Youth delivers the self explanatory ‘Gigantic Dreadnaught Dub Mix’, plus his ‘Nous Sommes Tous En Situation Irreguliere Ambient Mix’ - over nine minutes of pristine orbient grandeur.

‘Golden Clouds’ is the first single taken from longplayer ‘The Orb featuring Lee Scratch Perry present THE ORBSERVER in the star house’ - out September 3rd (also on Cooking Vinyl).




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