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Perel, Curses
Gold & Silber

14 September 2018 / Dischi Autunno

  1. 01 Gold & Silber
  2. 02 Gold & Silber (Fango Remix)
  3. 03 Gold & Silber (Chinaski Painkiller Bonus Mix)
  4. 04 Gold & Silber (Chinaski Tech Noir Remix)
  5. 05 Gold & Silber (Antoni Maiovvi Remix)
Artists: Perel Curses
Remixers: Fango, Chinaski & Antoni Maiovvi

Preceding the release of his debut album, Curses presents ‘Gold & Silber’, a five track EP led by a hypnotic, post-punk leaning roller, as well as four additional remixes from Antoni Maiovvi, Chinaski and Fango.

For the title track, Berlin based artist Perel provides cathartic vocals on top of a drowsy rhythmic framework drawing influence from early EBM, synth music and new wave.

Fango provides a more angular, computerised take on the original, whilst Antoni Maiovvi raises the heat to a peak time flow. Across two interpretations, Chinaski provides maximal 80s synth work on the ‚Painkiller bonus vmix’ and trippy dancefloor energy on the ‘Tech Noir’ Remix.




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