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Give Me Time EP

30 March 2018 / Apollo Recordings

  1. 01 Live Your Life
  2. 02 Give Me Space
  3. 03 Give Me Time
  4. 04 Make It Happen
Artists: Norwood

Apollo welcome Josh Butler’s Norwood project into the fold with the stunning new ‘Give Me Time' EP. 

Born in 2010, the project has become an opportunity for Butler to step away from the acclaimed house tracks he releases under his own name, cleaving towards a sound more hushed, intimate and warm.  

The project takes its name from Norwood Terrace in Leeds, where Butler and longtime friend Jay Murt were living whilst studying at university. Here they began to collaborate and experiment with different styles of music production; thus the Norwood project was born. 

Three of the tracks on the EP ’Give me space', 'Give me time' and 'Live my life' were among the first cuts produced under the Norwood alias by both Butler and Murt. However, when Murt moved away from Leeds for a few years in 2011, Josh kept the project going, refining and developing the Norwood sound - the last track on the release ’Make it happen' was one of the first fruit of Norwood as a solo project. 

“The Norwood alias allows me to write music the way I did when I first discovered music production,” enthuses Butler. “No boundaries, restrictions or expectations - it’s a melting pot of mine and Jay’s favourite sounds.” The difference is immediately apparent in the beguiling slo-mo house ambience of ‘Live Your Life’ to the billowing pads and trippy vox of bumping work out ‘Give Me Space’. As a counterpoint ‘Give Me Time’ explores a dubbed out swelling groove that throbs with emotion while EP closer ‘Make It Happen’ interpolates classic 90s hip hop drums into the gauzy moods of classic Mr Fingers.




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