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Ghost Tracks
Ghost Tracks

17 April 2018 / Cluster Node

  1. 01 Don't Move
  2. 02 Injuries from Games
  3. 03 Dagger
  4. 04 Strike I and II
  5. 05 Vases and Gold Ornaments
Artists: Ghost Tracks

Ghost Tracks is the first EP of equally named producers presented by Cluster Node and a wonderful example of aery synthetic meditations. With the combinations of acoustic and electronic instrumentation, soiled traces of noise and mixed modes of experimentation, each song presents a peculiar intimacy and effortlessness.

With a curious sensibility to its composition, the EP is clouded with synths, noise textures and sporadic vocals and it is somehow hard to define whether the music intends to elevate us or keep us grounded. It is an EP as textural as it is melodic. The five tracks hover elegantly through electro-acoustic environments and more often than not conclude into beaming reveries. What is certain is that Ghost Tracks is a versatile exploration of contemporary electronic music.




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