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26 March 2012 / Time To Express

  1. Terminal Silver Box
  2. Following The Constant
  3. A Refusal To Celebrate A Statistica Probability
  4. Win Tepsit/Brief Delay
  5. Further Vexations
  6. EP2010-4
  7. Geotope
  8. Emptiness Of Attention
Artists: Sendai

Sendai is the collaborative project of Yves De Mey and Peter Van Hoesen. Both artists are longtime friends and share a deep passion for exploring the outer limits of the electronic music spectrum. Sendai combines De Mey's skillful extraction of deep and dynamic sounds from his modular synthesizer system with Van Hoesen's keen sense of digital composition and sound design.

Peter has previously released his music has been released on his own labels Time To Express and Foton as well as Exone, Ostgut Ton, Ann Aimee, Komisch, Meakusma and several others. His 2010 album 'Entropic City' was considered as one of the defining techno albums of that year. He is a DJ, producer, sound designer and composer for contemporary dance and theatre.

Yves De Mey's interest in experimental sound design found its way into his music through working for theater and dance performances and doing large scale sound installations. He’s released albums on Line and Sandwell District, who found the time right to widen their dance-floor techno-scope and released De Mey's Counting Triggers, a 6-track album that interprets club music in a downtempo electrified fashion. He has a new solo release coming up for Time To Express in 2012.

After two 12" releases for Time To Express in 2009 the duo took some time out to reflect on their joint musical path.The result is 'Geotope', a no-compromise experimental album that sees the duo moving away from the dancefloor into an altogether more varied and daring sonic domain.The album shows a clear sensibility for stripping things down to their bare essentials.

It is the result of a road travelled together without straying from their heartfelt path. In essence Geotope combines both artists' influences and experience into a dynamic, ever-evolving sonic environment.

Available on double vinyl in a full-colour gatefold sleeve. 500 copies worldwide.




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