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Violent Blondes
Gaia's Liberation

21 September 2018 / Civil Disobedience

  1. 01. One
  2. 02. Kontrau Fido
  3. 03. Yüüechíga
  4. 04. Telepathy

Civil Disobedience is quick to return with another four track EP of original productions delivered by the label founders themselves, Violent Blondes. ‘Gaia’s Liberation’ unveils a more experimental and progressive side to Violent Blondes’ sound, with ‘One’ produced solely from the human voice using it as a synth to create an unnerving and bewitching prologue to the music which follows.

The tracks are induced by the ideas of the Mother goddess and exploring deepening spirituality in favour of archaic religious institutions in a hope societies will continue to become more balanced, especially those where inequality and oppression exist the most. It’s Violent Blondes’ belief that societies need to undo the historical “rules” which constrain free thought, creativity and have played a huge part in making the role of women submissive, along with blacklisting other groups.

The EP’s intent is to liberate and empower the underdogs that such religious texts have outcast and make you think about our future as one society on this very weary but still ever so bountiful planet. In Violent Blondes’ signature style, they let the techno tell you the story of Gaia’s Liberation.




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