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The Frank Barns EP

13 May 2013 /

  1. A1 herbies's table scraps
  2. B1 over my head
  3. B2 we're alright
Artists: Hreno

Berlin based label Meander welcomes canadian producer Hreno [ree-noh] to the family.

With the second release of 2013 - MEANDER12 will be the artist's first originals to be released on this imprint. 

Mindful followers will have noticed his first appearance in the joint effort to re-work Imugem Orihasam  'Time' on the latest Meander release. Long time friends and studio partner Hreno & The Mole locked themselves together with DeWalta into his studio  - and so it began.

And now 'Frank Barns'

Frank Barns [frangk][bahrns] - Frank Barns is a culmination of sound and a feeling. Frank Barns is where the creek meets the river. Frank Barns is the high watermark.Frank barns can be found in the music, in·car·nat·ed through restless rhythms, obscured samples, recordings from the field, and timeless tail like interludes. Cinematic hands are extended, so as to reach maximum centrifugal force, thus binding these songs together physically for full cohesion.In the artwork, you will find analogue forms. Full cover handmade silkscreened prints and nature's reflexion surround the release, completing it.

Synonym: The Frank Barns EP




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