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Shelter Point
Forever For Now

22 October 2012 / Hotflush Recordings

  1. A1. Braille
  2. A2. Forever For Now
  3. B1. Hold On Me
  4. B2. Sleep Easy
Artists: Shelter Point

Up next on Scuba's Hotflush Recordings is the stunning debut EP 'Forever For Now' from 20 year-old duo Shelter Point. Through the use of field recordings, upright pianos, their own chopped and screwed vocals and a varied palette of synths, the pair have created a lush and elegant four track love letter that’s bound to make their contemporaries stand up and take note.

‘Braille' sets the scene, its wistful, haunting vocals delicately slinking along to emotive and complex analogue synths, only slightly changing course on the vibrating and discordant 80’s inspired 'Hold On Me'. On the flip is the title track, a compelling and experimental piano ballad, rich with vinyl crackle and a bittersweet lyrical flow (‘forever burned your picture in my mind’) followed by the pop-inspired 'Sleep Easy', a sweetly composed bedroom soul production kitted out with filtered synths and dubbed out atmospherics.

A unique and memorable debut from a very bright new talent, Shelter Point is here to stay.




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