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Forced Stillness

21 September 2018 / RSNTR Rec.

  1. 01 Forced Stillness
  2. 02 Reversed Effort
  3. 03 Momentum (digital only)
Artists: CutOff!CutOff!

'Forced Stillness' is the third release on CutOff!CutOff!'s imprint RSNTR Rec. which consolidates the label's profile as a purveyor of dark and experimental leftfield Techno that defies conventions and formulaic approaches. The three track EP demonstrates CutOff! CutOff!'s love for complex soundscapes and abstractions while maintaining a strong focus on the rhythmical foundation.  

The title track strays away from a standard four to the floor pattern. Instead, a grinding combination of kick and bass textures provides for a breathless groove. Like a shapeshifter, 'Forced Stillness' is ever evolving in a surreal manner without revealing its true form, leaving the listener constantly on edge.  

'Reversed Effort' starts out with an ostensible firmness only to quickly reveal that the track is rather akin to a moebius band, allowing for no clear orientation. Instead, it is structured by the relationship of the track's various elements which are in constant flux. Minimalism as induced by Steve Reich and executed in a sinister warehouse sound.  

A dichotomy of unstable drones and steady percussion characterizes 'Momentum'. Polyrhythmic stabs eventually act as a counterpart to the straight beat, thereby adding a peculiar drive to this ride into the unknown.




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