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30 April 2018 / RSNTR Rec.

  1. 01. Fluxus
  2. 02. Hi Red Center
Artists: CutOff!CutOff!

'Fluxus' is the second release on CutOff!CutOff!'s RSNTR Rec. imprint. The label's debut EP 'Décollage' set an intense and inventive tone earlier this year and received support from the likes of Etapp Kyle, Leisure System's Barker and Jori Hulkkonen to name a few.

'Fluxus' picks up its predecessor's pounding kick drums for a straight up dancefloor oriented package with a heavy dose of industrial. The title track demonstrates from the get go that CutOff!CutOff!'s sound is attacking and multi-faceted at the same time. Hidden layers of rhythm form the basis for sound exploration and a driving, evolving synth riff.

‘Hi Red Center' continues with grim stabs over a rolling subsonic beat and experimental modular percussion, eventually culminating in a nasty analog sawtooth synthline.




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