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Detroit Swindle
Flavourism ft. Seven Davis Jr.

23 April 2018 / Heist Recordings

  1. A1 Detroit Swindle feat. Seven Davis Jr. - Flavourism (Original Mix)

  2. A2 Detroit Swindle feat. Seven Davis Jr. - Flavourism (John Barera & Will Martin Boomerang Dub) 

  3. B1 Detroit Swindle feat. Seven Davis Jr. - Flavourism (Pépé Bradock’s Bittersweet Mix)

  4. B2 Detroit Swindle feat. Seven Davis Jr. - Flavourism (Pépé Bradock’s Urgent Spookapella)

2018 marks our first step into album territory, releasing the sophomore album “High life” of Heist’s very own Detroit Swindle, to be released end of May. This single features the album cut “Flavourism” with vocals from Seven Davis Jr. Here, the single is presented with remixes by the amazing Pépé Bradock and Boston-to-NYC house duo John Barera & Will Martin.

Flavourism is as much a throwback track to classic Detroit Swindle territory, as it is a look into their contemporary view on soulful deep house. The vibe is set by Seven Davis Jr.’s distinctive vocals, accompanied by warm ‘side-chained’ pads and a rubbery live synth-bassline. Fans of “The Wrap Around” will definitely feel a nod to that 2012 classic with those Prophet pads. If you’ve seen their live performance with Seven Davis Jr. during Dour festival in 2015 or heard their remix for SDJ’s track “Friends” on Classic Music Company, you might already anticipate a collaboration that works like a charm.

When deciding on a remixer for this project,the boys wanted to do something special.Ask someone special.And so it happened that they asked Pépé Bradock: someone who stood at the root of European house music and has pioneered in the genre, carefully curating his own style into something that surpasses genres. Here, he delivers both a stunning and deep interpretation of the original, with added harmonies, a touch of lo-fi and his own signature electronics. On top comes the ‘acapella’, stripped from all percussion and leaving the vocal and all of Pépé’s lovely weirdness.

The single further features US house duo John Barera & Will Martin, who have already released some amazing music on Dolly, or John’s own ‘ Supply records’. Not surprisingly, they deliver a great clubby house cut with some Chicago flavour, dubbing and out the vocal to a basic mantra: “I’ll always keep”.

Keep an eye out for High Life out soon with more collaborations. For now, please enjoy Flavourism.




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