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SCB, Hammer, Mor Elian
Fish Tubes

21 September 2018 / Hotflush Recordings

  1. 01 Fishbowl (Mor Elian Remix)
  2. 02 Test Tubes (Hammer Remix)
  3. 03 Turquoise Shade
  4. 04 Fish Bowl
Artists: SCB Hammer Mor Elian
Remixers: Mor Elian, Hammer

For the fourth and final installment of SCB remix EPs from Hotflush, Mor Elian and Hammer step up for their own interpretations of tracks from Caibu.

Fever AM label co-founder and hybrid club producer Mor Elian provides a spaced out take on ‘Fishbowl’ full of angular drums and woozy synths. For his take on ‘Test Tubes’, Hammer formulates a steady groover for the after hours. 

A new track from SCB, ‘Turquoise Shade’ is a melancholic dose of warm harmonies and stripped back drums, followed by the subdued wanderings of ‘Fish Bowl’, which previously appeared on this year’s ‘Engineered Morality’ EP. 




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