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Demian Licht
Female Criminals Vol. 3

13 March 2018 / Motus Records

  1. 01 Apertura
  2. 02 Eve
  3. 03 Helen
  4. 04 Mary
  5. 05 Sophia
Artists: Demian Licht

Female Criminals Vol. 3 (The end of the trilogy) sonically explores Jung’s concept of ‘Animus- Anima' . Two primary anthropomorphic archetype concepts of the unconscious mind identified as the totality of the unconscious. Feminine psychological qualities that a man possesses or the masculine ones possessed by a woman. Carl Jung proposed four levels of anima development, which in "The psychology of the transference" he named Eve, Helen, Mary and Sophia...

Eve - Named after the Genesis account of Adam and Eve.

Helen - An allusion to ‘Helen of Troy’ in Greek mythology.

Mary - Named after the Christian theological understanding of the Virgin Mary.

Sophia - Final phase of Anima development, named after the Greek word for wisdom.




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